PAC Speakers

Bring awareness of the Positive Approach® philosophy and care partnering techniques to a larger audience through our PAC Speakers. By using Teepa’s speaking content and methods across a variety of topics, offer an event that will change the way people think about dementia in your community.

All our speakers are versed at speaking on general dementia topics and PAC philosophies.

PAC Speakers Services Include:
  • 4.5 hours content delivery
  • No maximum for number of attendees
  • Handouts in pdf format for you to print
  • Outline and objectives in document format to satisfy CEU application needs
  • Bio, CV, and photos of PAC Speaker for promotion or application needs
Choose from the following topics and more:
  • Aging; What’s Normal, What’s Not Normal
  • Positive Physical Approach and Hand-under-Hand techniques to approach and connect as well as guide and asset those living with dementia
  • Teepa’s GEMS model of progression or stage of dementia, but as a means to improve interaction and appreciation of individuals. The GEMS characteristics focus on ability instead of loss and are an invaluable tool to assist with changing abilities that impact relationship and expectations
  • Dealing with Resistance; Relationship vs. Agenda
  • Engagement – Filling the Day with Meaning
  • End of Life (Palliative Care)
Our speakers also have specialty topics - Please inquire!
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